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American Eagle Energy Management Software


Our vision is to help manufacturing companies avoid expensive breakdowns in their production by developing the leading IoT and AI-powered predictive maintenance solution in the industry.

Energy Insight on Demand

Optimize through insights and ensure regulatory compliance.

Cost optimization, efficiency improvement

  • Real-time data insights for identifying inefficiencies

  • Reduce costs and optimize energy consumption

  • Track live energy prices for informed decision-making

  • Boost operational efficiency through effective energy management

Reduce carbon footprint, enhance sustainability

  • Monitor energy usage to decrease carbon footprint

  • Prioritize sustainability with our user-friendly Energy Monitoring solution

  • Gain actionable insights on live CO2e Emissions and Standby Power Usage

  • Implement green initiatives to meet environmental goals.

Easy setup, minimal disruption

  • Designed for easy setup and minimal disruption to business operations

  • Quick installation using plug-and-play sensors

  • Non-intrusive and seamless installation process

  • Monitor energy consumption across facilities for streamlined management.


  • By tracking energy usage and emissions data, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and make informed decisions to improve sustainability. This helps to enhance brand reputation and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Analyzing historical energy usage data and forecasting future energy prices helps businesses optimize their energy usage and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities. This improves budgeting and financial planning, reduces the risk of energy price volatility, and increases competitiveness in the market.

  •  Energy monitoring enables businesses to identify sources of standby power usage and take targeted actions to reduce waste and save on energy costs. This leads to significant cost savings over time, increased efficiency and productivity, and extended equipment lifespan. It also promotes sustainable energy practices.


  •  Energy monitoring provides businesses with real-time data and insights to reduce energy usage and associated costs while meeting production demands. This allows them to identify areas of inefficiency, optimize energy usage, and reduce their carbon footprint. By adopting sustainable energy practices, businesses can improve their brand reputation and corporate social responsibility.



  • ​True-Cloud-Technology,

  • Multi-company,

  • Multi-location,

  • Multi-currency,

  • Multi-language,

  • ​Native mobile APP,

  • Integrations with ERP, RFID, GPRS, MES systems and Smart sensors,


  • ​Security features,


  • Easy-To Use, User-Friendly interface,


  • Permission-Based with digital audit-trails,


  • Ready-Made reports,


  • Notification, reminders and escalations for continuous business improvement,


  • Modular structure for complete customer satisfaction.


  • Aerospace & Defense,

  • Aviation,

  • Automotive,

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,

  • Cannabis,

  • Chemical,

  • Construction,

  • Distribution, eCommerce & Wholesale,

  • Drone,

  • Energy, Oil & Gas,

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Healthcare,

  • Hospitals & Clinics,

  • Hospitality & Tourism,

  • Life Sciences,

  • Logistics,

  • Manufacturing,

  • Marine,

  • Medical Device,

  • Mining & Metallurgy,

  • Packaging,

  • Pharma,

  • Professional Services,

  • Public sector & Public Asset Management,

  • Retail,

  • Space and Satellite,

  • Technology,

  • Transportation and many more.

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