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Why Cuscen ERP?

The Most CUStomer CENtric Enterprise Software Platform has arrived.

Multi-Currency, Multi-Location, Multi-Dimension coupled with a great ISV ecosystem to offer you a complete ERP experience.


Cuscen ERP is trusted by companies across many different industries. Cuscen's flexibility, easy-to-use cloud ERP architecture is unique. There is also a native mobile-app. You’ll have a real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere, so you have access to your information wherever you are.


Cuscen ERP was born to help you be CUStomer CENtric in this competitive marketplace

  • Easily integrate the tools and systems you already use

  • Improve efficiency with our intuitive, award-winning UI

  • Empower collaboration with modern, cross-module workflows

  • Access your data from any device

  • Personalize your instance in a low-code / no-code environment

  • Scale users and resources up or down as needed

Intelligent, industry-focused business functionality that helps growing companies see and connect every facet of their business in the cloud.

  • Gain real-time business insights from a single source of truth

  • Simplify and synchronize automation across multiple workflows

  • Get consistent, coordinated views of current accounts

  • Enjoy flexible licensing that ensures you’re never punished for growing

Cuscen ERP was built for the customer.

  • The industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings

  • Flexible deployment options: public or private cloud

  • Modern pay-as-you-go, consumption-based licensing that can grow/shrink with your needs

  • ERP implementations without hidden fees

  • Dual layers of support

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