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AI America P3M Predictive Machine Monitoring & Maintenance Software



Our vision is to help manufacturing companies avoid expensive breakdowns in their production by developing the leading IoT and AI-powered predictive maintenance solution in the industry.

AI America Machine Monitoring has the latest AI technology to remotely monitor machinery, equipment and devices to ensure the health and continuity of their operations.

Automated machine health, accessible to all

  • 24/7 continuous health monitoring with AI America’s platform

  • Comprehensive vibration analysis, effortlessly automated for all users

  • Suitable for users with varying technical expertise

  • Ensure optimal machine performance and prevent downtime

Automated fault trends, actionable checklists

  • Automated fault symptom detection with PREDICT’s advanced software

  • Automatically identifies issues like shaft unbalance and bearing wear

  • Eliminates the need for manual analysis

  • Converts faults into actionable automated checklists and work orders.

AI-driven alarms, fully automated

  • AI America sets and manages alarms for you

  • Receive notifications via SMS or email

  • Complex data is filtered for reliable alarms

  • Continuous algorithm improvement for enhanced accuracy.

Simple hardware installation, seamless data streaming

  • Plug the Gateway into a power source

  • Mount the wireless sensors to your asset in less than 5 minutes

  • Automatically connect for real-time monitoring and data streaming

  • Accessible via a user-friendly web and mobile app.


  • Extend lifetime of your corporate assets,

  • Take control of your corporate assets, 

  •  Reduce maintenance costs,


  •  Reduce spare part inventory costs,


  •  Increase efficiency,

  •  Increase productivity,

  •  Have continuous improvement at your company.

  •  Have a Vertical-Free integrated asset and maintenance management software for any industry,​​

  • Comply with regulatory standards paperless, digitally,​​

  • Audit your operational assets for continuous improvement.


  • ​True-Cloud-Technology,

  • Multi-company,

  • Multi-location,

  • Multi-currency,

  • Multi-language,

  • ​Native mobile APP,

  • Integrations with ERP, RFID, GPRS, MES systems and Smart sensors,


  • ​Security features,


  • Easy-To Use, User-Friendly interface,


  • Permission-Based with digital audit-trails,


  • Ready-Made reports,


  • Notification, reminders and escalations for continuous business improvement,


  • Modular structure for complete customer satisfaction.


  • Aerospace & Defense,

  • Aviation,

  • Automotive,

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,

  • Cannabis,

  • Chemical,

  • Construction,

  • Distribution, eCommerce & Wholesale,

  • Drone,

  • Energy, Oil & Gas,

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Healthcare,

  • Hospitals & Clinics,

  • Hospitality & Tourism,

  • Life Sciences,

  • Logistics,

  • Manufacturing,

  • Marine,

  • Medical Device,

  • Mining & Metallurgy,

  • Packaging,

  • Pharma,

  • Professional Services,

  • Public sector & Public Asset Management,

  • Retail,

  • Space and Satellite,

  • Technology,

  • Transportation and many more.

  • YouTube
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