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The Marvelous Social CRM Software
- Acumatica Edition -

The Marvelous CRM helps small and mid-size companies manage customer relations digitally. Simple Business Edition brings your business straight-forward digital tools to perform marketing operations 


Why automate CRM?

  • Customer Lifetime Value

    In the age of "subscription" and "automatic-renewals" customer lifetime value is more important than before. Marvelous CRM helps you extend your customer's lifetime value for recurring revenue.

  • Accuracy

    Automated CRM reduces the risk of human errors, ensuring consistent and reliable customer relationship management.

  • Proactive Customer Management

    Automation allows for real-time monitoring, enabling you to identify and address risks promptly in the process of managing customer relations digitally.

  • Scalability

    Automated CRM solution can easily adapt to your organization’s growth and changing marketing and communication requirements.

You can enjoy the benefits of The Marvelous CRM in any industry


  • Aerospace & Defense,

  • Aviation,

  • Automotive,

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance,

  • Cannabis,

  • Chemical,

  • Construction,

  • Distribution, eCommerce & Wholesale,

  • Energy, Oil & Gas,

  • Food & Beverage,

  • Healthcare,

  • Hospitals & Clinics,

  • Hospitality & Tourism,

  • Import/Export,

  • Life Sciences,

  • Logistics,

  • Manufacturing,

  • Marine,

  • Medical Device,

  • Mining & Metallurgy,

  • Not-For-Profit,

  • Packaging,

  • Pharma,

  • Professional Services,

  • Public sector & Public Asset Management,

  • Retail,

  • Technology,

  • Transportation and many more.

  • YouTube
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